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Best Propaganda Pharma Companies in India

Top 10 Propaganda Pharma Companies in India – Are you looking for the top PCD Pharma companies list in India Of 2022? If yes, then this is probably the right place to be in. Propaganda cum Distribution companies in India are growing because of the rising demand for pharmaceutical products among the people. More the demand more would be the competition. Thus, we have brought you the best Indian Pharma PCD Companies with price list for pharma Franchise across India.

Pharma Propaganda Companies in India

Pharmaceutical drugs are growing like never before and so does the industries. The demand for these effective drugs and medicines are increasing with each passing day and the reasons are nothing to be wonder about. People have indulged themselves in a busy lifestyle that they neglect their health and this further leads to various health issues. Also, the Indian Pharmaceutical Industry is growing at a rapid speed. In the future, the stats gonna improve more rapidly.

PPT of Top Propaganda Pharmaceutical Companies in India 

Top 10 PCD Pharmaceutical Companies in India 2022 (Propaganda Pharmaceutical Companies List)

There are now thousands of Propaganda cum Distribution organizations that make their products to treat several health problems. But there are some most reputed and known that make the best products that are effective and trustworthy. There are many Pharmaceutical companies available in India like Vibcare, Mankind Pharma, Radico Remedies, Fossil Remedies, Biotic Healthcare etc. But we are listing some of the List of growing and best PCD company in India to look for.

Biotic Healthcare Pvt. Ltd. – India’s Top Pharma PCD Company

Top PCD Company India

Biotic Healthcare has made it on the top in its category due to its prominent leadership in India’s Pharmaceutical Sector. With over 500+ active distributors across the nation; the company continues to fortify its promise of making life better. Biotic Healthcare offers a wide range of 400+ products for its business associates. Apart from this, the company keeps on introducing new ground breaking products to give patients the required quality and affordable medication.

Biotic Healthcare is considered to be the top PCD Pharma Company in India and credit for this goes to its rich industry exposure, great leadership, impeccable management, business values and ethics, exclusive and wide product range, affordability and quality.

Founder – Mr Sunil Thakral

Year of Establishment- 2015

Address – Level 1, SCO-25, Swastik Vihar, Sector 5, Panchkula, Haryana 134109

Apikos Pharma Propaganda cum Distribution Company India

Apikos pharma company

Apikos is one of the best pharmaceutical company of Chandigarh that deals in manufacturing the best drugs and medicines. Their products are extremely beneficial and are capable of curing so many health issues. This company is a powerful resource for skills and resources. So, if you are looking for the company then it could be the best choice for you. This company present in the list of top Propaganda Pharmaceutical companies in India.

Founders – Mr. Harish Sharma & Mr. Anil Kapoor

Year of Establishment – 2014

Address -SCF -381, 2nd floor, Motor Market, Manimajra, Chandigarh, 160101, India

Kolaz Biotech (best Propaganda cum Distribution company in India)

Kolaz Biotech - PCD Company India

Kolaz Biotech has only one single objective and that is contributing towards the healthier India. They are active in making the following products.

  1. Tablets.
  2. Capsules.
  3. Injections.
  4. Syrups.

Founded & Promoted by – Mr. Ajay Bhardwaj

Year of Establishment – 2000

It is listed #1 on the list of top Pharmaceutical companies in Ambala.

Address – Nanhera, Ambala Sadar, Haryana, India

Sunwin Healthcare (Best Generic PCD Company in India)

Sunwin PCD company

Sunwin started off as the manufacturer and suppliers of the products and is now the best organization in the Pharmaceutical industry. This company manufacture the best product and makes sure that the right product is being delivered to the right person at the right time. Apart from that, we provide high-quality packing of our items in laminated and waterproof sealed packages to ensure that they are delivered safely and without error.

Year Of Establishment – 2003

Founder – Robin Garg

Address –  Plot 121, New Motor Market, Industrial Area Phase 1, Panchkula, Haryana India

Health Serch Pharma (Top Propaganda cum Distribution company India)

HealthSearch PCD company

Health search is one of the growing pharmaceuticals in the industry that is involved in making quality products. This company provides reliable and quality products at very affordable rates. If you are looking for the best manufacturing company then this could be the option for you. They adhere to ethical business practises that ensure rapid and timely delivery of their products at competitive costs. As a result, they are able to serve a large client base all over the world. They are a technology-driven firm that aspires to set new industry standards.

Address – SCF – 30, Ground Floor, Motor Market, Manimajra Chandigarh (India.) – 160101

Arlak Biotech Pharmaceutical Propaganda cum Distribution Company

Arlak Biotech - Propaganda PCD Company

Arlak Biotech is a well-known name in the industry to deliver best and authentic pharmaceutical products that are also very effective. This company provides best PCD pharma franchise in India at genuine terms. This company has also 5 different division that serves in making a healthier India. This is one of the best that you can consider. They believe in providing top-of-the-line service and marketing materials to help you increase your productivity and profits.

Year of Establishment – 2008

CEO – Mr. Umesh Kalra

Address – SCO 6, Wadhawa Nagar, Near Hotel Sunpark Kalka Highway, Wadhawa Nagar, Dhakoli, Zirakpur, Punjab, India

Saffron Medicare Pvt. Ltd. (Best Propaganda Pharma Company India)

Saffron Medicare

Saffron Medicare is the parent division of the well – known company i.e. Orange biotech. It serves in various regions of India to deliver the best and effective products. This company has reached the epitome of excellence in a very short period of time. All of their products are made in WHO-GMP Certified facilities, ensuring that they meet the highest quality requirements. They are one of the most effective promotional tools in the market.

They always deliver the finest quality pharmaceutical to everyone and continue to lead the worldwide marketplaces. In order to achieve all of their objectives, we rely on the highest quality standards.

CEO – Mr. Inderjeet Singh

Year Of Establishment – 2006

Address –  Nanhera Road, Kuldeep Nagar, Ambala Cantt., Ambala Cantt, Haryana, India

Healthkind labs (Best PCD Pharmaceutical Company India)

Healthkind labs

This is an ISO certified company that makes it trustworthy to every extent. They not deal with making the best and effective products but also supplies them to the right customers. This company could be a great choice for anyone who wants to start their own business. They always deliver the finest quality pharmaceutical to everyone and continue to lead the worldwide marketplaces. In order to achieve all of their objectives, they rely on the highest quality standards. The company has heavily promoted the WHO – GMP culture.

CEO – Mr. Rohtas Sharma

Year of Establishment – 2011

Address – SCF 223, First & 2nd Floor, Motor Market, Manimajra, Chandigarh, India

Innovexia Life Sciences (Top rated Pharmaceutical Company in India)


Innovexia is one of the best manufacturers and dealers in the industry that is known to make quality products. This is a prominent company that has engaged itself in the manufacturing and trading of a variety of products. All stages of production, analysis, and warehousing are monitored by their Quality Assurance Department. They are continually examining quality factors – doing systematic sampling and testing at every level from raw materials to intermediate and finished pharmaceutical formulations – and are overseen by qualified professionals.

CEO – Mr. Sandeep Khajuria

Year of Establishment – 2011

Address – SCF- 439, 1st & 2nd Floor, Motor Market, Mani Majra Chandigarh, Motor Market, Manimajra, India

Biophar Lifesciences Pvt. Ltd. (Indian pharma pcd company)


Biophar Lifesciences is a certified company that has a rich experience of more than 10 years. They are known to provide quality products to the customers at any cost. This company has experts and trained persons as their employees who serve the best. The company has invested in cutting-edge machinery to ensure that their products meet industry requirements (GMP Certified). They offer a wide choice of Pharmaceutical Bulk Drugs based on our valuable experience. At the manufacturer’s end, these are made with high-quality ingredients.

Founder – Mr.Gulshan Rawat

Year Of Establishment – 2008

Address – Plot No. 34, Raipur Kalan, Chandigarh, India

Swisschem Healthcare (best Generic Pharma Company in India)


Swisschem Healthcare has the best reputation in the Pharmaceutical industry for the best services and products they deliver. They ensure that their products are of high- quality and their potential customers can vouch for it. This could be the option for you to ponder on. The company, headquartered in chandigarh is one of India’s fastest-growing and largest pharmaceutical enterprises. They have a solid plan in place for launching additional brands and goods in the near future.

Year of Establishment – 2015

Founder – Mr. Vaneet Jain

Address – SCF-507, IST FLOOR, MOTER MARKET, MANIMAJRA, Chandigarh India

Top 10 PCD Companies in India

Types of Franchise Provided by PCD Companies

There are several types of franchise provided by below listed Pharmaceutical Companies

  1. Antibiotic Medicines Franchise In India.
  2. Antidepressant Drugs PCD Pharma Franchise.
  3. Anticoagulant Medicines PCD Franchise.
  4. Gastro Range Drugs Pharma Franchise.
  5. Sedative Medicines PCD Franchisee.
  6. Analgesic Products and Medicines PCD Franchise.
  7. Pharma Franchise for Antiepileptic Medicines.

List of MNC Indian Pharma PCD Companies

Radico Remedies

It is the most popular Indian Pharma PCD Company in India who deals in all types of Product ranges Like Analgesic, Antibiotics, Respiratory Medicines, Nutritional supplements, etc. They have W.H.O. and G.M.P. certified manufacturing facilities that have been pre-approved by a variety of regulatory authorities. The company is well-known for providing truly world-class healthcare at reasonable prices.

Zenon Healthcare

It is also a popular propaganda cum distributor company in India. Zenon Healthcare provides you best PCD pharma company price list at an affordable cost. In an increasingly competitive global market, their diverse portfolio of businesses, geographies, and products gives us a competitive advantage. They are able to supply fairly priced medication to people in India because of the amount of hard work we have put in.

Their team is dedicated to providing the finest possible service to the origin of life. The only way they can ensure a better and more pleased world is to provide perfection as well as effectiveness through their products.

Indian pharmaceuticals: A WINNING FORMULA

The Indian pharmaceutical industry is very important in the global pharmaceutical industry. India ranks third in terms of volume and 14th in terms of value. The country is the world’s largest supplier of generic medicines, accounting for 20% of global supply by volume, and the world’s leading vaccine manufacturer.

India also has the most US-FDA compliant Pharma plants outside of the US and is home to over 3,000 pharma companies with a strong network of over 10,500 manufacturing facilities and a highly skilled resource pool. In India, the pharmaceutical industry offers 60,000 generic brands in 60 therapeutic categories. Generic drugs, OTC medicines, API/Bulk Drugs, Vaccines, Contract Research & Manufacturing, Biosimilars, and Biologics are major segments.

Some key points include:

  1. Incentives totaling INR 21,940 crore ($3 million) have been approved.
  2. It is expected to reach $65 billion by 2024, and $120-130 billion by 2030.
  3. 10-12% growth rate
  4. Manufacturing costs 33% less than in Western markets.
  5. Year-on-year export growth of 18.7%

So, if you were looking for the best PCD Pharma Companies in India then I hope this might have been helpful for you in some ways. The aforementioned is the best organization that manufactures and supplies the best and most authentic products. They also deal in selling franchises so they are also suitable for anyone who wants a franchise of the most reputed company.