How To Calculate Profit Margin In Pharma Franchise

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Calculate Profit Margin in Pharma Franchise Business

How To Calculate Profit Margin In Pharma Franchise – Want to know the steps to calculate profit margin in PCD pharma franchise? Looking for the procedure to calculate the net price and profit margin? Distribution and wholesaling business like PCD franchise and pharma franchise are based on sheer profits and good returns. But For good returns, you have to attract right pharma distributors and wholesalers.

How To Calculate Profit Margin In Pharma Franchise

Every business needs good profit earning capabilities to sustain in a cut-throat competition. A clear assumption of expectations and the edge of reality can be easily drawn by knowing how to calculate profit margin in pharma franchise. The calculations are simple. The MRP and net rates majorly differ according to the market conditions and their rivals in the market.

You can start with PCD pharma franchise or pharma franchise. Before jumping to any conclusion, you should have a clear idea about net price and profit margin. Want to know how to calculate profit margin in pharma franchise? We will be telling you all!

Steps To Calculate the Profit Margin and Net Price For A Pharma Franchise Business

PCD pharma companies and pharma companies have simple logic behind calculating their net price and MRP. You need to have the knowledge about the correct net rates and MRP to calculate the profit margin. Like any other industry, the pharma industry calculates profit margin in very simple way. Here take a look at the steps on how a pharma franchise can calculate the net price and profit margin.

1st Step: Know About Your Market Condition and Factors

The net rates and their profit margin largely vary from market conditions and the factors affecting. The diabetic market may be down whereas the cardiac drug market may be blooming. The market differs due to its demand and economic variability. The Indian pharma industry is a profitable business place. So, if you are a pharma franchise company, here look at its factors:

  • Learn about the market conditions.
  • Set net rate and price according to your competitors. This helps cut competition.
  • The general public or consumers also affect the fixation of price and rates.

2nd Step: Know How To Calculate Net Rates

One should know how to calculate net rates if you want to find profit margin. The procedure is simple. This is done in case of pharma Franchise Company. In case the companies want to find the net price of a product. Here are the steps to find net rates:

  1. Find total cost {TC or Total Cost = Manufacturing expenses + Administration expenses + Selling Expenses + Taxes + Other Cost (Total Fixed Cost + Total Variable Cost)}
  2. Then find the net rate/ selling price/ final price/ net rate. Remember the percentage of margin can vary from company policies to other company. (Total Cost x Percentage of Margin)
  3. The end result is the net rate.

3rd Step: Calculate Profit Margin:

The measure of profitability, the profit margin is calculated as a percentage of the revenue on net profit. Know how to calculate profit margin in pharma franchise:

  • Find net profit. (Total revenue/ revenue -total expenses/ cost = net profit)
  • Calculate profit margin (net profit ratio/ net margin/ net profit margin/) {Net Profit / Revenue Or Selling Price}
  • You get a profit margin.

4th Step: Known The Actual Realization Amount

The realization amount is the actual amount that you get. These all include the factors that underwent to sale and purchase transaction. It can vary with the nature of the business to the company. they are simple additions and deductions in the amount to known the actual gain. Here what you have to do.

  1. Deduct the commission or share of doctors and physicians under Price to Retailer (PTR).
  2. If you have appointed a stockiest, agent etc. then deduct his share.
  3. You need to add offerings like 10+ 1 or 10+ 2.
  4. Deduct discounts, returns, rebates etc made to the customers or any other party.
  5. Any expense like transportation, labor, cost, rent etc should be deducted.


Profits and returns are the main motivation points. You should have the right estimation of profit margin that you can expect from the business.  The pharma industry is a growing enormously. The Indian pharma industry is the right place to start your own business.

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