How to Get a Drug License in Punjab

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How to Get a Drug License in Punjab

How to Get a Drug License in Punjab – The Indian Government makes sure that everyone has fair and equal access to drugs and medicinal products. However, the right to manufacture and sell drugs and medicinal products should be granted with proper consideration. Therefore, the government of India has stringent rules for granting a drug license to any Individual. So, Let’s indulge in the process regarding How to Get a Drug License in Punjab. 

A drug license is very important to smoothly operate a pharmaceutical business in India without any legal troubles. The Drug and Cosmetic Act, of 1940 governs the set of rules needed for the export/import, manufacturing, and distribution of drugs and cosmetics through license. Every state has a separate department that issues this license. In Punjab, it is issued by the Punjab’s Drug Control Department. This department controls and regulates the production and sales of drug and cosmetic products by implementing relevant central drug and pharmaceutical legislation in the state.

Various Types of Drug Licenses in Punjab

There are many different types of drug licenses available. These drug licenses vary depending on the activity and the scale of operation. 

  • Manufacturing Drug  License – This License is issued to a business that deals with the manufacturing of drugs and cosmetics products including allopathic and homeopathic medicines.
  • Wholesale License – This license allows a wholesaler to sell the drug to a retailer for further selling purposes.  
  • Retail License – This license permits a retailer to sell drugs or cosmetics for the consumption of the end consumer. Retailers can also sell these products to dispensaries, hospitals, educational, medical, or research institutes, and other healthcare facilities.  
  • Loan License – This license is issued to a business that does not own the manufacturing unit and uses the manufacturing facilities of another licensee to manufacture the required drug and cosmetics products. 
  • Import License – This license is issued to someone who deals with the export and import of drugs and cosmetic products all over India. 
  • Multi-Drug License – This  License is issued to a person who wants to operate multiple pharmacies in multiple states under the same name. How to Get a Drug License in Punjab
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The Basic Requirements for Obtaining a Drug License

To obtain a drug license in Punjab you need to make sure that you have all the mentioned requirements. 

  • Enough Space – To get a drug license you must own or possess enough space for setting up.  For retail and wholesale drug licenses you need to a lot an area of around 15 square meters for unit set up. 
  • Staff and experts – The hired staff should be qualified and experienced. For retail, the staff should have experience in the technical field. Whereas in wholesale the professionals are supposed to have a graduate degree with a minimum of 1 year of experience or an undergraduate degree with a minimum of 4 years of experience. 
  • Pharmacist – In the case of retail business the pharmacist should be trained. Whereas in the case of wholesale business the pharmacist must have a graduate degree with a minimum of 1 year of experience or an undergraduate degree with a minimum of 4 years of experience. 
  • Inventory or Storage Facilities – This is another vital requirement. The owner should make sure to have spacious warehousing and storing facilities, equipped with ACs and Refrigerators along with temperature-mediated storage.  

Documents Necessary for Obtaining a Drug License

The essential list of documents that are needed to obtain a drug license in Punjab is as follows.   

  • MOA( Memorandum of Association) or AOA (Article of Association), Partnership deed, LLP agreement in case of partnership.
  • Partner/Owner/Proprietor ID proof
  • Copy of owned property papers or rental agreement along with NOC (No Objection Certificate) from the landlord of the rented premises.
  • Site plan and blueprint of the premises.
  • Copy of Board resolution permitting the obtaining of a license.
  • Proof regarding availability of storage space including cold storage, refrigerator, etc.
  • Proof of depositing fee
  • Copy of the affidavit regarding non-conviction of the Proprietor or Partner or Owner and the firm.
  • Affidavit from the registered pharmacist
  • Cover letter with applicant’s name and designation 
  • Declaration form 
  • Qualification certificate of the applicant
  • Proof of qualification, registration of local pharmacy council, and appointment letter of the pharmacist at retail.
  • Qualification proof , experience certificate along with appointment letter of the pharmacist at wholesale. 
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How to Get a Drug License in Punjab?

Now, Let us discuss the application process for obtaining a drug license. This process is not that complex once you get a thorough understanding. 

  1. Visit the Respective Drug Controlling Authority Portal  – The first is to visit the respective drug controlling authority  ( CDSCO, SDSCO, or AYUSH)  portal. The applicant is supposed to login into the portal to generate an ID and a password. 
  2. Filling the Application Form –  In this step the applicant needs to fill the application form with appropriate information. The applicant should make sure that all the information is true to their knowledge. 
  3. Uploading the Required Documents – After filling in all the necessary details on the application form, the applicant is now supposed to upload the required documents and submit the form along with the application fees.
  4. Verification by the Drug Inspector – On receiving the application form from the applicant, the drug Inspector will personally visit the company premises on an appointed date for verification purposes. The drug inspector makes a report regarding document verification and premises verification. 
  5. Grant of the Drug License – After the drug inspector’s inspection and verification. A report is submitted to the drug controller. Then, the drug controller will review the report and issue the drug license if satisfied. 


To conclude, a drug license is very essential for the manufacturing and selling of drugs and cosmetic products. This license permits an enterprise or professional to engage in businesses related to drugs and cosmetics. If you want to obtain a drug license, then you just need to follow all the requirements and steps mentioned above by us. 

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FAQS on How to Get a Drug License in Punjab

Question 1. What is the Validity of a drug license in Punjab?

Answer 1. A new drug license is valid for up to  5 years unless suspended by the drug department due to any relevant reason. A drug license can be renewed before its expiration period by logging into the respective website,  filling up the renewal application form, and submitting the needed document along with the renewal fee. 

Question 2. What are the fees required for obtaining a new drug license?

Answer 2. The fee charge varies depending on the type of license. 

  • INR 5000 for manufacturing license
  • INR 2000 for repairer license 
  • INR 1000 for a dealer license
  • INR 200  for alteration in License 
  • INR 100 for a duplicate license 

Question 3. Who is eligible to get a drug license?

Answer 3.  Below we have mentioned the persons who are eligible for a drug license. 

  • Registered pharmacist 
  • A graduate with experience of around  1 year in drug sales and marketing in a valid pharmacy.
  • An individual with an experience 4 years in pharma marketing 
  • A person approved by the drug control department to conduct and operate a drug business in India.
Question 4. What are the license conditions an applicant needs to follow to obtain a drug license?

Answer 4. There are certain conditions an applicant needs to follow for successfully obtaining a drug license.  

  • A Form 20, 20B, 21B, 20F, 20G, or 21 licenses to sell, stock, exhibit, or offer for sale drugs should not be granted or renewed to any individual unless the authority is empowered to issue the license.
  • A Form 20A or Form 21A license should not be issued to any individual unless the authority is authorized to grant the license.
  • A Form 20C or Form 20D to 4 Homeopathic medicines license should not be granted to any individual unless the authority is empowered to issue the license.