What are Tranquilizers

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What are Tranquilizers

What are Tranquilizers – Are you suffering from any kind of mental illness and looking for the Tranquilizers medicines? If the answer is yes, here we have the perfect solution for your problem. Now you don’t have to search further for Tranquilizers. If you are feeling any kind of depression or anxiety in your life, we have the perfect solution for you. These tranquilizers medicines will make you feel relaxed and calm.

If you are the one who is facing any kind of depression or anxiety issue in their lives or have a sleeping disorder, this tranquilizers medicines may help you for that. If you are looking for the full information related to this medicines, read till the end. Here are all the details you need to know about this medicines.

What are Tranquilizers

What Are Tranquilizers?

Some of the people may still be wondering what are tranquilizers? If yes, tranquilizer is a drug which acts on the central nervous system and it is basically used to calm, decrease the anxiety level of the body or it may also help the person to sleep. It removes the depression because the medicines suppress the central nervous system and slow the body down, the medicines also used to treat the mental illness as well as the common anxiety and sleeplessness. These tranquilizers are available only on prescription as they can cause the dependence and certain ones can easily be abused.

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Types of Tranquilizers Available

If you talk about its types then there are two types of tranquilizers available in the market i:e Major tranquilizer and Minor Tranquilizer. Here are both the tranquilizers below

Major Tranquilizers:- The major tranquilizers were developed in the very early 1950s when the scientists discovered that organic compounds are known as phenothiazine which had a strong sedative effect and it helps to calm and relax the person who is taking it. The medicines are for the patients who are highly agitated to make them quiet and calm without making them unconscious.

Minor Tranquilizers:- The minor tranquilizers and sleeping pills are widely prescribed to people. But these medicines can cause the real problems like memory loss, addiction and loss of balance of the body. In extremely rare cases, people who use them have done things like drive or ear while they are still asleep. These medicines can also cause serious allergic reactions as well So, it is very important to use them with the cautions.

Symptoms of Tranquilizers Abuse

Here are some of the signs below of tranquilizer abuse

  • You may have headaches
  • Memory loss Of the person
  • Paranoia and suicidal thoughts
  • Feel aggression or agitation
  • Slurred speech and a lack of coordination, which may disappear as tolerance to the drug increases
  • Depression
  • Dilated pupils
  • Dizziness
  • Fatigue

Side Effects Of Tranquilizers

The addition of tranquilizers may affect your body one or the another way. Here are some of the side effects below

Physical Side Effect:- The recreational use of tranquilizers can harm you and your body physically as the medicine interferes with the normal mechanisms. In many cases, it can also cause the death, especially because of the overdose of the medicines. Other than that, it may cause

  • Irregular sleep patterns
  • Disorientation, confusion
  • Restlessness
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Physiologically:- If we talk about physiologically then the addiction of the medicines can confuse an abuser’s perception of reality as well as it can disturb your mental and emotional well-being. Following ar some of the psychological effects

  • Mood disorders, personality shifts
  • Feelings of rage or aggressiveness
  • Dulled emotional responses

Social Impact:- The addiction of tranquilizer may bring negative impact on an individual’s social life as well. If you or your loved one is suffering from tranquilizers medicines, you may observe these social effects like

  • Difficulty in engaging with the people
  • seclusion from loved ones
  • Isolated and increased seclusion from loved ones.


These are some of the side effects and symptoms of this Tranquilizer medicines. We really hope that the article is beneficial for you and we provide the best information to you regarding the tranquilizer medicines.