Top PCD Pharma Companies in West Bengal

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PCD Pharma companies in West Bengal

Top PCD Pharma Companies in West Bengal – Are you looking for the Top PCD Pharma Companies in West Bengal, Then you are in the right place in this blog we have mentioned the best Pharmaceutical companies in West Bengal.  West Bengal has a great future scope and results in the pharma business. The companies we have mentioned below also offer opportunities to new and fresh entrepreneurs in the country.

West Bengal is the economic, commercial, and financial center of eastern India. The pharma market of West Bengal is estimated to be worth $70 to $150 billion, making it the third most productive metropolitan area in India, after Mumbai and Delhi. West Bengal is home to a large number of pharmaceutical companies run by both public and private sector corporations.

Scope of Top PCD Pharma Companies in West Bengal

The locals’ socioeconomic status is not such that they can easily afford expensive medicines. Almost 37.8% of people in Kolkata, Durgapur, Asansol, and other cities are poor and unable to afford quality medicines. It is critical that everyone has access to high-quality drug ranges.

According to health reports, 70% of the West Bengal population is afflicted with various health issues such as communicable and infectious diseases. So, if you want to help people by providing them with safe drugs, starting a PCD Pharma Franchise In West Bengal is a good idea.

Furthermore, the current medical and healthcare facilities in West Bengal are subpar, which has caused panic among the people. As a result, people in West Bengal require better medical and healthcare facilities, so the opportunity for a franchise business is high and will be rewarding.

Benefits of investing in Top PCD Pharma Companies in West Bengal

The PCD Pharma Franchise is a great business for people who want to enter the pharmaceutical sector but have limited investment resources. This is the most popular and trending business. As we all know, the demand for medicines is extremely high. In order to have the medicines delivered to a remote location, PCD Pharma Franchise is the only most recommended business. The following are some additional benefits of the PCD franchise business:

  • Genuine financial planning
  • Regular medical updates
  • Marketing and promotional materials are provided for free.
  • The company provides 24-hour support.
  • Long and open negotiations
  • Terms and conditions have been clarified.
  • There is no pressure or hidden shocks.
  • Due to the market’s low competition, monopoly rights are granted.
  • All products are delivered on time and in attractive packaging.
  • Possibilities for advancement

Top PCD Pharma Companies in West Bengal

These are the factors that make the PCD Franchise Business appealing. Purchasing a PCD Pharma Franchise in West Bengal is a good way to get started. Make sure you choose the right company to invest in so that you get the best output and support to help your business grow. By investing hard-earned money in the right company, one can achieve good success in pharmaceuticals.

Davis Lab Chem

Established in 1990, this company is ranked among the top PCD pharma companies in West Bengal, providing leading manufacturing of active pharmaceutical ingredients and a wide range of high-quality products to 95 countries worldwide. The company excels in nutraceutical ingredients and custom synthesis of APIs for big pharma, providing competitive advantages over the entire life cycle of products with guaranteed quality and services to customers.

Address: 14/2A Ram Mohan Dutta, West Bengal

Sun Pharmaceutical Industries Ltd

Sun Pharmaceuticals, founded in 1983 by Philip Shanghai, is one of the most well-known PCD companies in Kolkata. The company has the most employees, and its medicines are known to cure a wide range of serious illnesses. With so many years of experience in this field, it is without a doubt one of the most trusted pharmaceutical companies in India. The company’s development capabilities, combined with world-class research, enable it to create a variety of new products.

Address – 6c, Rameshwar Shaw Rd, Sealdah, Kolkata, West Bengal 700014

Prasam Pharmaceuticals

Prasam Pharmaceuticals has ISO certification. Every product manufactured by this company complies with international laws and standards. They are created by adhering to the rules established for the composition of compounds in medicines. By adhering to the aforementioned rules, the company ensures that no quality constraints arise in its products.

This also ensures that the brand’s productivity is maximized. The company also guarantees its customers the best deals. Apart from that, this company’s characteristics include ethical business dealings, the incorporation of high-quality standards in the manufacturing process, and transparent dealings. It is considered the best PCD pharmaceutical company in Paschim Medinipur.

Address – Kachari Road, Godapiasal, Paschim Medinipur, West Bengal 721129

Standard Pharmaceuticals

The company has been present in various therapeutic segments for more than 60 years, making it one of the leading Indian pharmaceutical companies and the top Pharma companies in West Bengal. It is committed to producing high-quality medicines in its state-of-the-art facilities in West Bengal. SPL prioritizes patient safety and ensures that all medicines are manufactured in GMP and ISO-certified facilities.

Dr. Hemendra Nath Ghosh and Dr. Vikram Sarabhai founded and nurtured Standard Pharmaceuticals, which launched Penicillin as Stanpen for the first time in Asia in 1935. This is also an important intermediate in the formation of new molecules.

Apollo Pharmacy

Apollo Pharmacy has long been ranked among the top pharmaceutical companies in Hooghly, and they manufacture a wide range of advanced drugs. Their products are all WHO and GMP certified, and they make every effort to ensure that medicines reach every person who lives there. Since its inception, the company has been known to meet the needs of its customers while maintaining high-quality standards.

Address – No 306 Chandannagar Baro Bazar, Hooghly, West Bengal 712136

Dusap Pharmaceuticals

This company was established in the year 2016. Dusap Pharmaceuticals has quickly risen to the top of the list of Pcd Pharma Companies in West Bengal. The supplier company is based in Kolkata, West Bengal, and is one of the top sellers of the products listed. This brand is even on Trade India’s list of verified sellers who offer supreme quality services in bulk for the best quality products.

Address:  34 C, Colootola Street, Kolkata, West Bengal.


This company, a division and part of the pharma group of companies, ranks among the best Pcd Pharma Companies in Kolkata, offering superior quality products and medicines. Franchise opportunities are exclusively available in major parts of India. It provides reasonable prices for all products related to the pharmaceutical industry.

Address:  47 M, Ramkrishna Ghosh Road, Kolkata, West Bengal.


According to a survey, the Top PCD Pharma Companies In West Bengal listed above are the best. They are the best to work with because of their impressive product lists, offerings, accreditations, marketing strategies, and ethical approach. I hope the above list of Top PCD Pharma Companies in West Bengal will assist you in achieving your goals.

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