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PCD Pharma Companies in Tamilnadu

Top PCD Pharma Companies in Tamilnadu – The PCD Pharma business has huge growth in the industry and has completely outplayed many business segments in India. The Pharma business has spread its roots in all regions of the east, west, south, and north.  But the growth of the PCD Pharma industry is huge in south India’s Tamil Nadu side because of its population, market, and many other segments. So, If you are looking for Pharma Companies In Tamil Nadu then you are in right place. We have the list of the best companies that provide pharma franchise in Tamilnadu.

Tamil Nadu is India’s fourth largest state. Located in the country’s southernmost region. Tamil Nadu has approximately 113 industrial parks and estates with developed plots and supporting infrastructure. The central and state governments are both keen on providing all possible assistance to the Tamil Nadu pharmaceutical industry, including pharma parks, interest subsidies, and electricity. India will eventually become a hub of pharmaceutical industries. Tamil Nadu has promising future prospects for the Indian pharmaceutical industry.

Scope of Top PCD Pharma Companies In TamilNadu

Because of its broad scope and rapid growth, the Pharma Franchise business has generated considerable interest in the pharmaceutical industry. The pharmaceutical industry in Tamil Nadu is expanding, as is the pharmaceutical franchise industry. The city has a broad appeal as a prime location for establishing a medical practice. With 52% of total investments, the government is the state’s largest investor, followed by private Indian investors at 29.9% and foreign private investors at 14.9%.

The government has increased the healthcare budget for 2018-19 to Rs. 11,638.44 crores. Despite so many state government flagships, the state is facing poor health conditions due to a lack of medical professionals and doctors. If you want to invest in Tamil Nadu, Chennai, and other cities, go ahead. The pharma franchise business in the state will succeed because the people demand high-quality medicines.

List of Top PCD Pharma Companies In TamilNadu

The number of PCD Pharma Franchise In Tamil Nadu is rapidly increasing. Chennai Boasta accounts for up to 45% of all health tourists visiting India. The fortunes of the pharmaceutical industry in Tamil Nadu are enormous, with the propaganda and distributorship business booming. The propaganda business offers good business security, no sales targets, no risk, no pressure, and only genuine deals. Here are the Top Pcd Pharma Companies in Tamil Nadu that are well-known and easy to work with.

Nvron Life Science Limited

Nvron Life Science Limited is an ISO 9001:2008 certified company that specializes in the safe and high-quality manufacturing, delivery, exporting, and trading of exclusive and world-class pharmaceutical medicines. The company is well-known for its expertise and dominance in the production and delivery of highly advanced and safe medical formulations. We offer a wide range of products for Pediatric, Gastrointestinal, Dental, Veterinary, Ayurvedic, Steroids, Antibiotics, Anti Amnesic Drugs, and many other applications. We have established ourselves as the Best PCD Pharma Franchise Company in Tamil Nadu by providing such a diverse product line.

Strengths of the Company:

  • Experience of many years in the pharma industry
  • Gives proper quality assurance of product range
  • Provides the monopoly right
  • Free promotional tools

Contact Details:

Address: V.M.Towers,B2,Selvakumarasamy Gardens, Theivanayagi Nager, Ganapathy Post, Coimbatore-641006, TamilNadu,India

Eucare Pharmaceuticals Private Limited

Eucare Pharmaceuticals Private Limited is a fantastic company that deals in a wide range of pharmaceutical medicines. Their product portfolio includes medicines from various healthcare segments in the form of tablets, injectables, ointments, capsules, and so on. The company is ISO certified, and its infrastructure is GMP-WHO certified. Eucare Pharmaceuticals Private Limited has made it to the list of PCD Pharma Companies in Tamil Nadu thanks to its cutting-edge facilities and extensive product line.

Strengths of the Company:

  1. Wide pharma range.
  2. Monopoly rights.
  3. Superb packaging.

Contact Details:

Address: Thirumudivakkam, Tamil Nadu 602109

Sidhu Pharma Labs Pvt Ltd.

Sidhu Pharma Labs Pvt Ltd. is one of the Top PCD Pharma Companies In Tamil Nadu and is ISO 9001:2008 certified. They provide some of the most comprehensive and high-quality pharmaceutical medicines and drugs available. Anti-diabetics rage, multivitamins, calcium, anti-cough, mouthwash, and many more are examples. In terms of monopoly basis, the deals are genuine and affordable.

They provide their customers with a fully integrated contract manufacturing and development solution, from early development to high-volume commercial manufacturing and packaging. The company is in a unique position to be the pharmaceutical industry’s preferred strategic partner.

Strengths of the Company:

  • Production takes place in the excise-free zone
  • Strict quality measurements are followed by experts
  • Safe and timely delivery of the products

Contact Details;

Address:  #2A, Nehru Street, Besant Nagar, Mayiladuthurai – 609 001. Tamil Nadu, INDIA.

Micro Labs Limited

It is one of the best Pcd Pharma Franchises in Tamil Nadu, offering certified products. They provide the most comprehensive and high-quality selection of pharmaceutical medicines and drugs. You will also find anti-diabetic products, multivitamins, calcium, anti-cough, mouthwash, and sedatives, among other things. They provide a good deal, with a genuine, affordable monopoly basis.

Strengths of the Company:

  • Offering the opportunity to own the franchise company on your own.
  • Modern and high-tech machinery is available, as is a team of focused and dedicated experts working to deliver the best in the market.

Contact Details

Address: Sipcot industrial area phrase1, Hosur, Tamil Nadu 635126

Zota Pharmaceuticals PVT LTD

Among all companies, it is one of the top Pcd Pharma Companies in Tamilnadu with a well-known entity. The company is highly regarded in the franchise list for all of the products that they supply. The medications on the list include sulphonamides, penicillin, anti-helminths, anti-infectives, lipid-lowering agents, anti-epileptics and anti-convulsions, and many more. When purchasing a PCD from Zota Pharma, the products are of higher quality and come with guarantee papers.

Strengths of the Company:

  • The company’s manufacturing units are well-maintained and GMP-WHO-certified.
  • Our brilliant team of workers and pharma professionals is constantly working to improve the products.
  • DCGI and FSSAI authorities have approved a quality product portfolio.

Contact Details

Address:   8-G, 8th Floor, 560, Century Plaza, Anna Salai, Teynampet, Chennai, 600018, Tamil Nadu, India.

A to Z Pharmaceuticals Pvt. Ltd

It is one of the top Pharmaceutical Companies in Tamil Nadu and is a biopharmaceutical company founded in 1996 in Chennai, India. The main focus of the research is on collagen technologies and drug delivery systems in burn, advanced wound management, surgical hemostasis, and even dental regeneration. The company provides cost-effective solutions such as product innovation, continuous improvement, measurement, and even quality management system monitoring.

Strengths of the Company:

  • Their manufactured product portfolio is synonymous with high quality.
  • The company has a dynamic, hardworking, and talented workforce.
  • The company also provides assistance to its franchisees and business associates.

Contact Details:

Address: No. 1/8, Balaji Nagar, Ambattur, Chennai, Tamil Nadu India, 600053.

Pothigai Pharma

If you’re looking for ayurvedic and herbal PCD in Tamil Nadu, Pothaigai Pharma is the place to go. The company provides a good selection of ayurvedic formulations made from 100% natural herbs. All of the PCD Franchise products are in accordance with the Ayurvedic traditional system. They have high-quality human health formulations, including diseases and health-related items. This brand provides consumer products based on pharmaceuticals at a reasonable price.

Strengths of the Company:

  • The portfolio of products is reasonably priced.
  • To match the production level, we deliver our products all over the world in accordance with GMP-WHO standards.

Contact Details

Address: Bharathi Nagar, Cholambedu, Chennai, Tamil Nadu600109


In end, we would like the say pharma franchise business is the best career-building option in Tamil Nadu as it is the fastest growing industry and your investment will surely boost in the future if you invest in PCD Pharma Business.

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