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Jammu Kashmir Pharma Company List

Top PCD Pharma Companies in Jammu Kashmir – Jammu and Kashmir are popular tourist destinations in India. Jammu and Kashmir have a population of approximately 13.6 million people. In this blog, we have mentioned the Top PCD Pharma Companies in Jammu Kashmir, to give the opportunity to those who live in Jammu Kashmir in the pharma business. As a result of the rising pharmaceutical demand, the pharmaceutical industry’s scope has grown by 30%.

Despite the fact that the contribution of Jammu and Kashmir to the Indian pharmaceutical industry is minor. Many experts, however, believe that Jammu and Kashmir have enormous potential as a pharmaceutical powerhouses. Apart from a few smaller operations, J&K, particularly Jammu, is a significant manufacturing location for some of India’s largest pharmaceutical corporations, including Lupin, Sun Pharma, and Cadila Pharmaceuticals.

Why should you invest in Jammu Kashmir for Pharma Companies

Jammu and Kashmir is a land of abundant natural resources. Only in the field of health care do the people of this country lag. We believe that a PCD Pharma Companies in Jammu Kashmir would be a far more profitable business option, has offered to given the rise of the industrial sector

  • According to the most recent statistics, the population of Jammu and Kashmir increased by 1.024 million between 2014 and 2018.
  • It is clear that the population has increased by approximately 0.2048 million in just one year.
  • As a result, the population of Jammu and Kashmir in 2019 was 14.5288 million.
  • Kashmir also has a large tourist population, with a total annual tourist population of 14.32 million. Local visitors, on the other hand, account for 14.24 million, while international tourists account for 79.77 thousand.
  • In monetary terms, the state’s total export products totaled US$148.31 million in 2017-18. Exports totaled US$ 178.26 million in the fiscal year 2018-19. This demonstrates how far Kashmir’s industrial development has come.
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These are just a few of the reasons why a PCD Pharma Franchise would be a huge success in Kashmir. We only know about the situation in Kashmir, and the health situation in this country is dire. Due to the lack of pharmaceutical distribution channels in Pulwama, poor health outcomes result, making a Pharma PCD Franchise an excellent business opportunity

Challenges that Jammu Kashmir Faced

In many parts of Jammu, the government’s initiatives to establish healthcare infrastructure appear ineffective and unresponsive. Duplication of services, insufficient and unbalanced financial outlays, mismatch of resources, lack of accountability, and a lack of emphasis on disease prevention and health promotion are all harming the state. There is a high demand and need for more accessible and affordable health care. Jammu’s rural areas, home to 700 million people, suffer from a lack of medical services.

Maternal healthcare is extremely limited in rural areas. Observing the healthcare industry, it is clear that expanding Jammu’s pharma sector through the PCD franchise venture will benefit both customers and market players. Invest in the right company and make quality pharmaceutical medications available in both rural and urban areas of Jammu and Kashmir. In this segment, you can also earn a good profit margin this way.

List of Top PCD Pharma Companies in Jammu Kashmir

Many pharma companies are working in Jammu Kashmir, to find the Top PCD Pharma Companies in Jammu Kashmir check the below list:

1.) Ethicare Laboratories

Ethicare Laboratories was established in 1978. The quality control guidelines’ technique is observed and followed. The products are upgraded on a regular basis to improve quality, stability, and shelf life while lowering costs and overages. The well-defined quality policy of Ethicares, combined with stringent quality control and quality assurance criteria and norms, ensures that the afflicted masses receive safe, effective, and high-quality products.

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Ethicare Laboratories’ domestic operations span the entire length and breadth of India, thanks to a well-connected distribution infrastructure and field force. They manufacture and market over 100 pharmaceutical formulations. Their field team, supported by a knowledgeable marketing division and a cutting-edge manufacturing facility, ensures that new items are easily accessible.

Address: 15, Industrial Estate, Digiana, Jammu-180010, Jammu&Kashmir

2.) Protech Biopharma

Protech Biopharma was established in Jammu and Kashmir in 2007. Jammu and Kashmir, they are well-known non-government pharmaceutical companies. For manufacturing purposes, the company has invested in a wide range of cutting-edge technology and tools. They offer high-quality goods and services in a variety of therapeutic areas, including neurology, gastrointestinal, neurology psychiatric, and others.

To improve the quality of the items produced, the organization has numerous divisions such as quality control labs, sanitation systems, and quality assurance laboratories. Mr. Dhamrendra Tripathi is the company’s director. Their main competitive advantage is the in-house development and manufacturing of unique pharmaceutical products, which they commercialize through their global marketing infrastructure and contracts.

Address: Dilkash Guest House, Alsafa Market, Sarai Bala, Srinagar, Jammu, and Kashmir

3.) Medley Pharmaceuticals

Medley Pharmaceuticals is a company based in Jammu and Kashmir that was founded in 1976. This is a well-known pharmaceutical manufacturing and marketing company in Jammu. In 1969, the company was founded in Mumbai, Maharashtra. Medley Pharmaceutics is a pharmaceutical company that specializes in the development of antibiotics, semantics, and cardiovascular medications. The manufacturing operation of the company is outfitted with cutting-edge technology. According to the ORG, IMS is one of the top 40 pharmaceutical companies in India. Mr. Sarosh Sami Khatib is the company’s director.

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The company operates cutting-edge facilities that adhere to GMP guidelines while maintaining high-quality standards at every stage of the manufacturing process. Medley Pharmaceuticals Limited is a multi-divisional, multi-location pharmaceutical formulation company. Medley employs approximately 3000 people, with approximately 2200 working in sales, 700 in corporate and manufacturing across India, and 100 in international businesses.

Address:  Lane Number 3, SIDCO, Industrial Complex, Jammu, 180001

4.) Narindrason Enterprises

Narindrason Enterprises is one of the top pharmaceutical companies, offering a wide range of pharmaceutical products in various divisions. The company in Jammu and Kashmir offers more than 500 pharmaceutical products. Our main goal is to provide access to the franchise businesses in all quality approved and effective pharma medicines. Narindrason Enterprises has its own manufacturing unit on-site, which is well-developed and equipped with all necessary machines. Furthermore, our company has complete access to all techniques and technology for the production of pharmaceutical products.

Address: Narindrason Enterprises, Near India Cake House, Shahedi Chownk, Residency Road, Jammu, Jammu and Kashmir 180001, India

5.) Pharose Remedies LTD.

Pharose Remedies LTD. manufactures pharmaceuticals and medications of the highest quality. The World Health Organization (WHO) and Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) have both certified the medicine (GMP). All products are reasonably priced. Furthermore, the products are created in a highly organized and clean environment. The production team is extremely responsive and dedicated to producing the best pharmaceutical products possible.

Address: 22, Milestone, Patli Morh-Tarore Bari Brahamana (J&K) – 181133


So, above we have mentioned the list of Top PCD Pharma Companies in Jammu Kashmir that provide the best quality of manufacturing at very affordable prices. You can get great opportunities from these companies.