Important Things Needed to Know When Starting Up Marketing for Pharma Company

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Things Needed to Know While Starting Marketing Of Pharma Company

Things Needed to Know When Starting Up Marketing for Pharma Company – Want to promote your pharmaceuticals company? Are you new to the business industry? Looking for best marketing strategies for pharma companies or businesses? In this post by PharmaHopers, we have shared our insights to things you need to know when starting up marketing for Pharma Company.

Ways To Promote Your Newly Opened Pharmaceuticals Company | Best Pharma Marketing Strategies

Marketing is an important element to create awareness and brand image in the market. To start promoting, you need to give you side a clean chit. Make sure that your products are made from quality material. Get them tested to make sure that they are safe to use. Then only forward them to consumers. Quality is the main element which will build your company. Here look at things needed to know when starting up marketing for Pharma Company.

Appointment of Sales Representatives/ Local Healthcare Professional Visit

If you simply a new company and cannot afford an MR, then simply make some visits to healthcare professionals like doctors, physicians etc. Appointing an experienced MR is the best way. Sales representatives build the brand image of the company. It helps in promoting the business. Distributaries are usually created by way of sales preventatives. They have the power of persuasion that helps in quick link up for the company for the distribution channel.

Promotional Activities & Event Sponsorship

A popular way of promoting a pharma business is organizing health care drives and events like blood donation camp, free dental check up etc. Once you get the approval you can add your company’s logo on all banners. In case, you can distribute free samples. This creates a brand image of the company. It is best to conduct the drives and event in housing complexes, societies and apartments after approval of Management Committee. This helps target huge audience.

Appoint Various Channels Of Distribution

All the techniques that we are sharing are a way to increase the channels of distribution. Selling each unit of medicine and drug is a difficult task. You need to have at least one or two distributaries. They are usually the wholesaler, distributors, C&F agents, retailers etc. Tying up mutual agreements helps in promotion and sales of the brand.

Traditional Advertisement Techniques

An old yet effective method of marketing for pharma companies are advertisements. These include flash and print media. You can publish about your best products in drug magazines and newspapers. Make a short advertisement to flash during breaks on television. Print pamphlets that could be distributed in the local area for better sales and opportunities. This marketing technique is good if your area of business small and the target audience is small.

Offer Promotional Benefits

Businessmen tend to make promotional benefits to all customers and clients. This could be in the form of discount or rebate. They could provide their clients with free merchandise or freebies with the logo of your company. It is best to share chemist pads, pens, diaries, calendars etc. Merchandise ideas should be creative and attractive. *Tip: Merchandises that can be used by them daily are best to offer.

Your Website is Your Identity

Digital marketing platform needs to have your own website built-up for better promotion. Get your website registered with the domain name. This is important because without it the Internet’s addressing scheme won’t be as effective. The search engine gives importance to such companies who are registered unique domain names. It adds credibility to your brand in eyes of search engines and customers.

Content Marketing

Blogging has been an important aspect to create more web pages. It has been said having more web pages helps in more visibility of your website. Use your creativity and uniqueness while writing which prioritized by search engines like for e.g. Google. You can write blogs, articles, statistical reports etc. Here are some strategies that you can use to promote your pharma company:

  • Writing guest posts on already popular blogs is a great idea to increase engagement with the public. Quora is a popular platform for this.
  • Organize a small competition or challenge to share your post. The winner gets your products as a prize package. This helps in multiple ways. It helps in promotion, branding, and awareness.
  • Video marketing is the trend of 2016-17 with Jio promoting 4G nationwide. You can make a small video out of your blogs. Share the embedded link on various sites. Have your own YouTube account to increase awareness.
  • Use trending Meta keyword, title, meta-descriptions etc on your contents. You of synonyms and avoiding keyword filling in your contents.
  • Press releases are also a good media tool for company publicity.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Search engine optimization (SEO) includes On-page and Off-pages optimization of your website. SEO helps in driving the 70 % of consumers who look for results on the first page. If your website is on top 10, you are likely to get more business. You can start SEO by simply following the initial step:

  • If you are a company selling B2B products, then register yourself with business directories. You can add a listing on sites like PharmaHopers, IndiaMart etc.
  • Managing Google+ profiles is important. First, you need to list on Google My Business for local business listing. This helps in showing your company name, address, and details with a map location.
  • Submit your website URL links to search engines like Google, Yahoo! and Bling for increased indexing process.
Pay Per Click (PPC):

Pay-Per-Click/PPC or Cost-Per-Click/CPC is one of the fastest ways to promote your business. It is very effective in giving results for new products or brands. Your medicines or products are flashed on popular websites and search engines for customers to see. You have to pay some price to the site owner of which you’re displaying your ads.

Turn To Social Media

Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube, Instagram etc are everywhere. You need to get the limelight of those consumers. Share your posts, blogs, links etc. Add trending hashtags and attractive description. Join groups which are of your interest like pharma franchise groups, medical representative jobs, etc.


In case your pharma company deals in a wide range of therapeutically products and supplements like skincare range, diabetic range, weight loss range etc, E-Commerce Marketing is best for you. You can also offer E-mail Marketing techniques by sending newsletter and getting reverts through subscription. Many healthcare professionals have an online presence which will boost your online and offline presence. Try to increase your engagements with the public through relationship management.

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