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PharmaTech Expo

PharmaTech Expo – Are you running your own Pharma company? Are you in touch with the Pharma company by one or another way? If your answer is yes, then you all must be waiting for the Pharmatech expo?  We understand your excitement for this event. That’s why here we are with the full detail information about the Pharmatech expo event. Now you don’t have to search further for this event because we are going to share all the hidden and good things about this Pharma Tech Expo. To read more, read below.

Are you the person who is connected with the pharma company and doesn’t have any idea about this Pharmatech expo event or never attended this event? If yes, now you will get all the information about this event. For all who are wondering what is pharma tech expo is all about? here we have answers to all your questions. It is a kind of exhibition where all the people from India, get an opportunity to connect with the Pharma company meet together. It is a very interesting event and organized every year for the pharma companies and people.

PharmaTech Expo

Overview Of PharmaTech Expo

The PharmaTech Expo event 2018 is going to be held in Chandigarh this time. It is an exclusive event dedicated to the pharmaceutical innovation, technology and knowledge. It has emerged as a crucial platform which helps in showcasing the latest innovations, technologies and ideas throughout all phases of the product lifecycle. The main focus of this event is on Pharma manufacturing and processing technology, pharmaceutical systems and services. But 2018 PharmaTech Expo event will also focus on Nutraceutical, Food and Cosmeceuticals and Ayurved.

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PharmaTech Expo, it is an international Exhibition on Pharma Machinery, Lab and Packaging Equipments. It gives a great opportunity to suppliers, Manufacturers, Industrialists, Buyers and Consultants to assemble at one common platform and attend this event exhibition.

The event is all about Processing Plant and machinery, Packaging of materials and machinery, Lab equipment, instruments and lab wares, Water treatment, wastewater treatment and waste management, Biotechnology & clinical research organizations, Bulk drugs, intermediates, & formulations, Excipients & additives, R&D, quality control laboratories, Healthcare products – Ayurvedic & neutraceutical manufacturers, Cosmetic & personal care, IPR standards & patent formulations bodies, Environment & pollution control bodies, Trade associations, trade promotion bodies, Safety equipments

Why Is PharmaTech Expo Important?

The PharmaTech Expo is important for all the pharma business people because this event helps to bring everyone at one point. In this event, people from all over India come and share their ideas and thoughts. This event helps people to meet their Senior Pharma Executive, Buyers, Procurement Managers, Contract Manufacturers. Here are some of the benefits below of this exhibition.

  • It gives the opportunity to pharma people to gain more knowledge about the pharma companies and their products.
  • You can contact the top decision-makers in the Pharmaceutical Industry.
  • It will give you the opportunity to make branding for your products and ideas.
  • Also gives you a platform to exchange the business opportunities.
  • The event gives you a chance to meet the future customers. You can make strategic alliances and partnership.


We hope we provided you with the best information regarding the PharmaTech Expo event. This is all the information which you need to know. To more you can visit our official website.

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