Pharmac India Trade Fair

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Pharmac India Trade Fair

Pharmac India Trade Fair – Are you running your own pharma company? Are you the one who is excited or waiting for the Pharmac Indian Trade Fair? If the answer is yes, we can totally understand your excitement. We all know there are people who are running the pharmaceutical company from all over the India and making money. This trade fair can be a very exciting event for them. If you are looking for detail information, read till the end.

Pharma companies are getting so much of popularity nowadays. The demand of pharma company and pharmaceutical medicines is everywhere and that is the main reason why people are choosing this increasing demand for medicines as their career opportunity. If you are the one who is wondering what is Pharmac India Trade Fair? Here we have answers to all your questions. In this article, you will get to know detailed information of this trade fair.

Pharmac India Trade Fair

Overview Of Pharmac India Trade Fair

If you are the one who is wondering what is Pharmac India Trade Fair? Here we can answer all your questions. The Pharmac Indian Trade fair is the 8th edition this year. The event of trade fair is going to be held in Gujarat this year at the Gujarat University Exhibition Hall. The event is going to be held from 7th of November to 9th of November. And itis going to be held in Ahmedabad.

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The Pharmac India is one of the largest gathering events of pharmaceutical representatives in the country. The trade fair has been held annually for the past seven years and it will continue to do so owing to the incredible response which it has received from the Pharma community. With the API manufacturing opportunity arising from the huge on-patent drugs market coupled with the rising confidence of innovators on Indian players, India is well placed to garner the higher share of the regulated on the patent drug market.

Detailed Description Of Pharmac India Trade Fair

This Pharmac India fair is held so that the pharma industry professionals can meet each other. To establish good trade relations which may eventually lead to the formation of a good business relationship between the two parties. To make a good relation this event took place. The kind of exhibitors which usually take part on this trade fair are those from the field of Veterinary Drugs, Additives, Intermediates, Pharmaceutical Machinery Pharmaceutical Formulation, Pharmaceutical Printing, Packaging Lab, Material And Machinery, Pharma Ancillary And Utility Servicing And Maintenance, and many more like them.

This trade fair is also kind of pharmaceutical personnel. As the general public is not included in it. That is why, the visitor’s profile is similar to the exhibitor’s profile. The purchase and export executive, Marketing company consultants, exporters, distributors, Government suppliers, Liaisons, Sourcing company representatives, business executives and others like them.

Major Focus This Year Is On Pharma Machinery, Equipment, Bulk Drugs, API, Pharma Lab, and Pharma Pack & Material Exhibition

If we talk about the major focus of trade fair, every year there are near about 500 exhibitors comes in this trade fair. The attendance of 10,000 pharmaceutical representatives is expected, based on the trend of the past 7 editions. The registration of this trade fair can be done for the Pharmac India trade fair online through the travel portals. The official timing of the trade fair has been not yet announced.

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This three days of trade fair will bring people from all around India or might be outside the world as well. People who are running the pharmaceutical business will be together. The trade fair will bring the eminent personalities from all the sectors. This trade fair event is considered as one of the business expansion tools which will help many small, medium and major companies in Pharma Industry.


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