How to start a generic pharmaceutical company in India

How to start a generic pharmaceutical company in India – An ambitious pharma professional always wants to end up having his or her own pharmaceutical company. It is their dream to start project own pharmaceutical company as soon as they can. Most of pharma profession could not make it possible because of lack of knowledge and courage and sometimes due to lack of money. If you have some experience in the generic medicine field in the beginning then you can possibly give a kick start to your business. But, before that, you should know how much does it cost to start a pharmaceutical company in India or how to start a generic pharmaceutical company in India?

How to start a generic pharmaceutical company in India

Besides, we all know how well pharmaceutical sector in India is expanding. Indian pharmaceutical sector has gained an important and reputed position in global pharmaceutical market. India has become the biggest supplier or exporter of generic medicines all over world. So at this point of time, it would be highly beneficial to invest in generic pharmaceutical business. If you are planning to start a generic pharma companies franchise or your own generic pharmaceutical company in India then it would be great to have a look on this given article. Here we are going to discuss how to start a generic pharmaceutical company in India in general terms. Hope you will find the information reliable. 

Follow Few Simple Steps to Start a Generic Pharmaceutical Company in India

Starting your own pharmaceutical firm could be a wise decision for career as healthcare and pharma sector are showing good growth. The future in this particular market seems quite bright. However, if you are really planning to start generic pharmaceutical company in India then it would be better to start as early as it can be. There are some simple steps you need to follow to complete the pharma company registration procedure. For people who are planning to start generic pharmaceutical company should definitely read the following pointers.

Make a Business Plan

To start a generic pharmaceutical company you need to compose a detailed business plan. A business plan includes plenty of things such as:

  • Choose good premises for your office that contain enough space that specify the norms issued by govt.
  • A unique and meaningful brand name for your company or brands. The brand name should not match with any existing entity so it needs deep research before.
  • Available with financial background which is the most important practice for starting any business.

Register Company under Company Act

It is you are a starting a PCD franchise business then you may be need several important things such as drug license no, get GST (goods & services tax) registration, get trademark registration, and get FSSAI registration. But if you are registering a new business you will also require the discussed registration but you there are four major steps that are:

  • Acquiring Digital Signature Certificate (DSC)
  • Acquiring Director Identification no (DIN)
  • Get new user registration or fill an eForm
  • Incorporation of the company

Acquire Drug License No.

Hence, this business includes selling and manufacturing of medicines and pharmaceutical drugs, so this business requires a drug license to run. If you run a company without a registered drug license no. then it can be a punishable offence. To get the complete details about the process of how to obtain the drug license number, you should meet the local drug inspector and drug selling authority.

Get the GST Number

GST is the recent introduction in our country that is needed while doing any business. A generic pharma business needs GST no. within three months if the turnover exceeds 2.5 Million. But, here turnover is not only the reason for GST though. There are much more facets of GST rules & regulations. It would be better if you gather services and knowledge from the experts.

Few Further things that one would require to start generic pharmaceutical company

  1. Get the trademark registered
  2. Get FSSAI registration


If you want to set a pharma business then these would be the steps to follow. We hope that we have given the most relevant information regarding how to start a generic pharmaceutical company in India. For further detail or to sort any query related to the same you can refer our official website.